If you're a Twins fan and hang out on the web, you know there is no shortage of solid locally created baseball blogs. Every now and again, Upload will offer up something good that you might otherwise miss. (Here's a pretty good directory from Bob Ingrassia's Newsbobber site.)

Today's offering is from Twinkie Town, the SB Nation baseball blog for its Twin Cities site.

Jon Marthaler, who also provides weekend offering for RandBall in one of his other blog lives, has created the "Minnesota Twins Mindset List," which intends to tell you how old (or young) you have to be for an assortment of assumptions about the Twins.

The Twins have always been a major league baseball town if you're 55 or under, for example.

And if you're "maybe 24 or 35," you've probably done a lot of stuff, but you don't have memories of the Twins winning the World Series.

Here's the complete post, which has some entertaining reader comments attached. It's OK if you want to add to the list here, but you should leave the comment on Jon's post too.

Enjoy. (And are you old enough to instantly recognize the relief pitcher in the photo above?)



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