Fishing on the Missouri River out of Bismarck, ND this past week has been a lot of fun and challenging.  We are here for the FLW Walleye Tour Championship, where 54 of the top walleye anglers are here to duke it out for a share of up to $100,000 in prize money.

Falling river levels and crazy weather has thrown us all a few curve balls this past week.  It's been good fishing over all, but inconsistent.  This past Sunday, we had 50 plus MPH winds and the water temps have fallen over 8 degrees.  The river has dropped quite significantly as well.  Falling river levels cause walleyes to shift locations and make them tentative to bite.

Tomorrow is the first day of the tournament and I look forward to having a good day.  I've had a pretty good practice period and now is the time to put it together.  I'm a little indecisive on whether to head south to the lake for bigger fish and bigger waves or up the river with shifting walleye locations/current due to the lower water levels.

Oh well... I guess I'll sleep on it tonight and see how bad the winds are going to blow tomorrow (forecasted 40+ MPH).

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