Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, spring has sprung like a leprechaun over sidewalk vomit. It’s a welcome groundhog-spurning break, but we’re not quite ready for stout season’s end.

Offering an alternative to lower-ABV, lighter-bodied Irish dry stouts, this week Lift Bridge Brewing Co. rolled out its annual Irish Coffee Stout, inspired by the classic Irish coffee cocktail. “It’s got a little bit more kick, just like the drink,” said brewmaster Matt Hall.

The Stillwater barrel-aging studs blend the base beer of their Silhouette Russian imperial stout (aged in different whiskey barrels) with an export milk stout and Five Watt cold press. Whiskey sweetness peeks through the creamy milk stout without overkill, and the coffee marries with the roasted malts in this big, balanced, best-of-three-worlds mashup.

“We’re not looking for a coffee beer,” Hall said. “We’re looking for beer with coffee, if that makes sense.”

Find out how much sense it makes on the second day of the Nomad’s 10th anniversary party Sunday.