The decorative, cosmetic splashes of snow in your yard are in grave peril. Snap a photo soon, because another warm front is coming. This winter, when in doubt, predict a warm front. Odds are you'll be right.

Data show February was the 18th month in a row of warmer-than-average temperatures, according to the state DNR. NOAA says meteorological winter was the eighth-warmest on record. Nationwide there were 3,146 record highs and 27 record lows last month. Chicago had no snow on the ground in January and February. Spring is in full bloom south of a line from Kansas City to Indianapolis and Pittsburgh.

Yes, odds favor an early ice-out, and at the rate we're going we may see flowers blooming within a month, much like we saw in 2012. Today and Friday will be cooler than average, but a weekend thaw is on tap. European guidance hints at 60 Sunday and Monday. Another warm front surges north late next week, and T-storms may pop up one week from today. It's hard not to cheer on these amazing early springs — until you realize the planet is running a low-grade fever.