See Daisy Buchanan’s distant metaphorical dock light like you’ve never seen it before!

Praising the 3D format, director Baz Luhrmann told The Hollywood Reporter that he has workshopped his upcoming project "The Great Gatsby" in 3D, though he has not decided whether to shoot in the format.


Luhrmann was in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, where he, along with directors Michael Mann and Oliver Stone, discussed the advantages of the Blu-ray format.

Gatsby doesn’t really seem to be a movie that needs 3D, but I suppose that sounds like someone in 1928 complaining that movies are adding voices and songs whether they need it or not. Everything will probably be 3D eventually, and 2D will look like black-and-white to modern eyes. The fellows on the panel had more to say:

Luhrmann warned that filmmakers must be responsible with the format. "The power of Blu-ray is so great, you have to be a bit conscious about misusing it," he said, noting that with the increased resolution, more details are visible and therefore more choices are available in the restoring and remastering processes. "Are you trying to recreate from your memory? There are a whole lot of new question that powerful technology brings."

Interesting. I saw a remastered re-perfected Ultimate Collector’s Edition of some gritty crime movie, and the print looked horribly grainy. I mean, left-in-a-vat-of-nail-polish-remover bad. Went online to see if anyone else had noticed this, whether it was a bad transfer - turns out it was a “aesthetic decision” on the director’s part to make the movie resemble the gritty crime movies of the 70s. I think it was Michael Mann, too.

 But there’s more! As you might expect, the guys who make money from the existence of physical media would like you to buy physical media:

Stone suggested value in starting Blu-ray collections. "I find it sad, we are the last of the Mohicans, in way," he said. "I'm not knocking the future...but this is the last hardware, then it is going to be on a computer. But you will never hold it in your hand, like a book."

That’s a great sales pitch: please invest in a dead-end technology. A book you can actually open and use right there on the spot; a disc is just a shiny thing if there’s no machine to understand it and translate for you. Comparing a Blu-Ray disc to a book because it can be held is like comparing a knife to a parakeet because both can be grasped by your fingers. I like Blu-Ray, guys, but I’m done collecting discs. One day you wake up and realize you’ve bought “Star Wars” six times. Not counting the 23 times you saw it in the theater. Enough!

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