1  Kevin Spacey revisits his inner Keyser Soze in “House of Cards,” a Shakespearean-inspired tale about a modern-day politician who picks off his enemies one scandal at a time. It’s addictive stuff, which is why it’s so great Netflix is offering all 13 episodes at the same time. “Cards” marks a triumphant TV debut for director David Fincher and offers Spacey the juiciest role he’s had since “American Beauty.”

2  Who would have thought that a big, serious book about religion could be a mesmerizing page-turner? But Pulitzer winner Lawrence Wright’s “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief” is enthralling and horrifying. He tells the story of a deeply paranoid L. Ron Hubbard and his despotic successor. Wright’s patient, evenhanded prose makes his findings even more damning: the brutal punishments for those who try to leave; the forced divorces, and the planting of flowers in the California desert so that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman could run through them — just another way that the Scientologists, apparently, distort reality.

3  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota, an exhibition of more than 70 local and national female artists is on view at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota. The exhibit is oganized thematically, with such topics as the body, identity and political oppression. Artists include sculptor Nancy Azara, multimedia provocateur Judy Chicago and Josephine Lutz Rollins, a pioneering educator who taught art at the U from 1927 to ’65. www.nash.umn.edu

4  Already a hard one to musically peg on his full-time band’s albums, My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James steps way outside whatever pigeonhole there is of him on his first true solo album, “Regions of Light and Sound of God.” Tracks range from Bill Withers-style slow soul ballads and Isaac Hayes-like R&B workouts to a soft acoustic-guitar interlude (ironically titled “Exploding”). There’s a noticeable lack of MMJ’s jammy element, though, which leaves James’ moon-swoon voice as the cohesive glue that makes the record stick. Out Tuesday.

5  Audrey Hepburn fans who think they’ve seen every photo ever snapped of her can think again. A re-issue of a special edition of Life magazine, “Remembering Audrey: 20 Years Later” ($12.99), is full of surprises. Photographer Bob Willoughby was a friend of hers from nearly the beginning of her Hollywood career, and he had access to some very private moments, including Audrey during happy times with her first husband, Mel Ferrer, and their baby, Sean; with the fawn she took home to bond with during the “Green Mansions” shoot, and, in a completely unguarded, messy-haired moment, cooing at her beloved dog, Mr. Famous.