The big cover-up Brad Pitt will bare his body no more, at least on screen. "I don't want to be embarrassed when my kids get old enough to see my films," he says. "I can't see any more nude scenes [in my career]."

He continues, bafflingly: "I figure I've got very few films left. ... I think it's a younger person's game." He also declares there will be no more "Ocean's" films: "I want to put away childish things." Wow, when did he turn into Laurence Olivier?

We can only assume Angelina doesn't feel the same way: In the graphic novel-based "Wanted" she's still kicking butt and showing the boys how it's done. Achtung, baby After battling the German government for permission to shoot his "Valkyrie" at crucial sites near Berlin, Tom Cruise will be honored by the country with a prestigious Bambi Award for his "willingness to take risks in his movies" and pursuing "brave projects."

We're wondering about the particular bravery involved in playing a would-be Hitler assassin -- by now, doesn't everyone agree Adolf was a bad guy? Must be because Cruise had to mask his handsomeness with an eye patch. The final reel Samuel L. Jackson is a "kid whisperer" (i.e., a nanny) in "Man That Rocks the Cradle." ...

Christian Bale is in talks to play an adult John Connor in "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins." ... Will Smith inadvertently revealed the ending to his upcoming "I Am Legend" during a news conference in Tokyo this week, reportedly prompting producer/co-writer Akiva Goldsman to scream in anguish.