Business: Innovation consulting firm works with Fortune 500 and other companies to generate ideas and develop customized idea-generation processes.

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Founder: Glenn Karwoski, 54.

Career: An adjunct instructor at the University of St. Thomas, for the last 14 years he has taught a class on the creative process in the Opus College of Business Master of Business Communications program.

Two yeas ago, he began teaching an undergraduate course on creativity and change at the university's Schulze School of Entrepreneurship. Karwoski also is founder and managing director of the Karwoski & Courage public relations firm, which he launched in 1992 as an operating division of Martin Williams, a Minneapolis-based advertising, brand strategy and creative agency.

Quote: "I've always been curious as to why certain people, certain groups are able to generate more ideas or better ideas," Karwoski said. "That natural curiosity led to this ongoing exploration of creativity and innovation."