The Star Tribune is lying again. Its July 26 editorial cartoon is a vicious character assassination on Tea Party conservatives seeking border enforcement and deportation of illegal aliens.

The syndicated cartoon depicts Superman as the newly arrived baby being rejected by Farmer Kent and his wife, a heartless and racist couple who loathe foreign babies. Farmer Kent laments: “Martha, we gotta send this illegal alien right back to where he came from.”

Martha rants, “You’re darn tootin’ we do. He’s probably diseased.”

Notice how the liberal cartoonist paints these two ignorant, barely articulate, prejudiced conservatives as hardhearted, racist and xenophobic. Why are they not loving of any child, even a foreign child?

The message is that conservatives should just sit down and shut up, since they are ignorant and inferior. They should work, pay taxes and leave running the country to their betters, the ruling-class elitists wrecking the nation.

Grass-roots conservatives need just to be compassionate, pro-open-border, unprejudiced and multicultural, like the educated, articulate, intellectually and morally superior ruling-class elitists who run the newspaper and do written mind control on all the good Minnesotans horrified that anyone could reject children.

Conservatives are called names by the PC crowd to shut down dialogue.

In reality, conservatives are rational and believe in tough love. They do not accept ruling elites bossing them around, ordering them what to think, say and do. They are logical. Here is their border program:

First, secure the border tight. No illegal aliens, adult or children. No contraband, no drugs. We are a sovereign nation, and we have a right and duty to control our borders, period. No terrorists need come over that southern border.

Second, deport the illegal aliens here. If some do remain, they must never be allowed to vote or be citizens.

Third, we set up a free-market, constitutional republic — our tradition. We add a tinge of anarchism to further increase the power of local self-governing at the expense of federalists and statists.

Fourth, we export our reformed and sanitized cultural and political pattern for countries everywhere to adopt if they choose to. If they reject it like many Latin Americans countries do, OK, but we will not take their illegals just because they botched the local economy and everything else at home. By Americanizing their cultures and political setups, all countries will be good places to live and be from, so there will be no need to immigrate here.

Following these four steps will protect children here and everywhere.


Ed Ramsey, of Bloomington, is a building engineer.