We've all uttered that phrase as a young rooster escapes the range of our scattergun during the early days of pheasant season. 

You see, nesting hens are very determined birds.  If their first clutch of eggs fall to predation or is washed away in heavy rains, she'll re-nest multiple times until finally finding success.  In those instances of late hatching chicks, juvenile roosters can be pretty tough to identify come opening day of pheasant hunting season as their colorful red, blue, and green feathers are sometimes just beginning to show.

Last season, I found the single best tool to identifying early season roosters -Vedalo HD sunglasses.  These specially designed sun glasses pull the red out of those young feathers and make it much easier to identify any airborne roosters regardless of age.

The honest to goodness truth is I won't hunt pheasants without my Vedalo clip-on sunglasses again.  They just make an incredible difference to quickly identifying roosters leading to better decision-making and more accurate shooting. 

Vedalo sunglasses come in many shapes, sizes and lenses.  They also make customized clip-ons for prescription glasses.  Regardless of what style you choose, be sure to select the rose colored lenses.  The rose colored lenses lift the red out of anything and increase its "volume."  If you are a pheasant hunter, Vedalo sunglasses will definitely make a difference for identifying juvenile roosters this hunting season . . . I guarantee it! 

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