*First things first: Follow (now former) Gophers QB Adam Weber on Twitter. He only has 36 lifetime tweets (started a couple of weeks ago), but just his bio alone should tell you it's going to be worthwhile.

*Quote of the day, from Yankees president Randy Levine to Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg: "I think Chuck is delusional. He has been running the Rangers for a few minutes and seems to believe he's mastered what everyone else is thinking. I think he should let Cliff Lee speak for himself. I'll be impressed when he demonstrates he can keep the Rangers off welfare. What I mean is make them not be a revenue-sharing recipient for three years in a row, without taking financing from baseball or advance money from television networks. Then I'll be impressed."

*TwinsFest is sold out, but last time we checked everybody has blood.

*And finally, the identity of the model with Kevin Love in his "commercial" has been revealed by Hot Clicks. Twitter can tell you the rest.

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