We were in Boston in late July of 2005 when Torii Hunter busted up his ankle, thus eliminating any chance the Twins had that year of swinging a deadline deal for a player and/or contending for a playoff spot.


Aside from some postseason disappointments and the rather dysfunctional 2007 season, that Hunter play remained a notable low point during the regular-season era under Ron Gardenhire.

Until 2011.

Until Thursday.

Not only did the Twins get swept in a four-game series, at home, by the worst team in the American League (record-wise) ... but now we learn they are reportedly on the verge of trading Jim Thome. As much sense as it might make, it's just a bow tie on a [redacted] week in a [redacted] season.

Maybe they can re-sign Rick Reed to pitch to Thome in their seven remaining games against Cleveland, assuming the deal goes through? (Thome was 12 for 27 in his career vs. Reed with an astonishing 9 homers).

For now: He hasn't been here long, but what is your favorite Thome moment as a Twin?

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