Inspired by a comment the other day that the "regulars" have created one of the better memes in recent RandBall history. The comment started: "I don't read Rand much, but I have to agree with him on this article." Shockingly, a variation of that comment has been used countless times since then.

Marthaler had the decency to cook up that nice image you see. And we've decided to wear this whole thing -- own it, love it, go with it. As such, if we have a post that links to several good reads from the day, we will henceforth use that image and some variation of the headline you see.

Away we go!

*We don't read The Wall Street Journal much, but we have to agree the article on a county in Ohio bearing a huge financial burden from stadiums for the Bengals and Reds is very interesting.

*We don't read Out much, but we have to agree with anyone whose impression of Michael Irvin changed for the better as a result of this interview and piece on homosexuality in sports.

*We don't follow Vikings PR/Public Affairs guy Jeff Anderson's tweets much, but it was the first place we learned the Metrodome roof will be raised at 7 a.m. tomorrow!

Marthaler's choice of images also serves as a reminder that we're trying to popularize the #leastinterestingmanintheworld hashtag on Twitter. Have at it!

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