One nice thing about the Packers is that because they sell worthless stock to 360,000-plus duped shareholders, they are a public team — the only one in the NFL — and must disclose their financial records.

This allows us to know the national revenue they pull in — which is the same for all 32 teams. Per Darren Rovell:

The Packers said they received $187.7 million in national revenue, which is mostly derived from the league’s television rights. The Packers’ total represents 3.1 percent, or 1/32nd, of the overall pie.

Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy said the national revenue rose 4.3 percent from last year due in part to new carriage agreements with the NFL Network and additional revenue from Nike, the league’s official uniform provider.

So yes, the Vikings also made $187.7 million in revenue strictly from national sources. The Packers made $136.3 in local revenue; we don’t have the Vikings’ local number, but suffice to say: this reiterates that there is massive money in the NFL.

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