We have intercepted Roughkat's iPhone and infiltrated his draft board for tonight's RandBall Varsity Fantasy Football League Draft. He apparently hearts Adrian Peterson. Aww. And emoticons for MJD! Not pictured: He has "bacon" listed as a fifth-round sleeper. Nobody has a strategy yet because there isn't a draft order yet.

Several of us will be congregating to figure out which players we will pick to represent our teams in a league that means nothing but bragging rights over Internet friends. If you think that sounds nerdy, you haven't really trudged deep enough until you followed the picks online, which you can do right here.

We're pretty sure Marthaler won last year and claimed a nice prize (a Twins World Series DVD collection). This year's prize might be the "Vikings Greatest Games, Volume 1." Or maybe it will be two smacks across the mouth. It's hard to tell at this point, isn't it?

RandBall Lite: are you guys having a league this year or what? Step up!

Varsity draft commences at 6 sharp, or whenever Brandon finally shows up. Pictures, descriptions and accounts of the night -- with the express written consent of all parties -- will likely be available in the morning.

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