While casually flipping through the Marie Claire "Savvy Girl's Guild to Football" -- thanks again, Stensation -- we couldn't help think about all the hard-core football fans we follow on Twitter who happen to be women.

These hard-core fans surely aren't the target demo for the "quarterback bromance" feature or the position-by-position breakdown offered in this savvy guide (no, it's not players at each position ... it's what each position is responsible for on the field).

Maybe it's not our place to be offended by this since we SURELY aren't the target demo, but we still had a rather strong reaction. Thankfully, Spencer Hall was already there to put this sentiment into words because another writer earlier today had already put his foot in his mouth:

If you want to get unbearably pedantic, women are less likely to be football fans relative to the rest of the population. But the assumption here that annoys the hell out of me is that women have some different kind of needs as football fans relative to the general population, i.e. that they would rather exchange dip recipes than read about the creep of the pistol formation into mainstream football, or ponder tablecloth/napkin combinations. It assumes a lot of things, the most noxious being the idea that men don't like making dip, or that it's a woman's job to be interested in the decor, not the game itself

Indeed. And for the record, we love a good dip.

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