A fair number of you -- especially those caught in the throes of Tebowmania -- might have seen Chargers kicker Nick Novak, um, relieving himself on the sidelines shortly before letting another bladder-load metaphorically run down his leg by missing a game-winning field goal in an eventual overtime loss Sunday to the Broncos.

But you might be shocked to know that the NFL -- which legislates just about everything else a player can do -- does not have a regulation in its massive rulebook regarding sideline urination. Per the New York Daily News:

"I usually go two or three times a game,” Novak told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “If guys pay attention to that, you’ll see quite a few guys go to the bathroom. We can’t really go inside to do it. You just take a knee, have teammates hold up towels.”

According to NFL Senior VP of public relations Greg Aiello, the league has no policy concerning players urinating on the sidelines.

“When this occurs, the player has been shielded from public view and there have been no issues with it,” Aiello told the Daily News. “If a player goes to the locker room, he may not be available when his team is counting on him to be on the field.”

Stunning, right? In any event, at least it's less obvious than on a basketball court. Here's the Novak video, in case you missed it.



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