It's not that people don't have the time to read 140 characters -- the amount allowed on a Twitter post. But if you have dabbled in social media, you often know that it's hard to keep up with the rapid pace with which information flies.

Hence we have projects like the one endeavored upon by Social Intent, which just released an iPhone application ($1.99) that aggregates tweets from NFL players, coaches and writers/bloggers. They have about 800 feeds in all. Presumably, whenever Chad Ochocinco tweets something anti-NFL, it shows up when you have the app.

Does that seem like too much? Not to us. As people get more comfortable with social media -- and as the choices in the media we consume become infinitely greater -- the winners will be those who either promote their quality content the best or can point consumers in the direction of quality content. That might take the form of 14,000 words, or it might be 140 characters.

In any event, we did a Sunday Q&A with Vidar Brekke, the CEO of Social Intent, dealing with Twitter and NFL athletes. Have a look-see if that might interest you. At least it's something to distract you from the Twins game.


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