Tony Romo became a convenient punchline after throwing FIVE interceptions on Monday Night Football last night. It was an awful performance, and even though his receivers (Dez Bryant) did him few favors, plenty of the blame can go to Romo.

Judging from the reaction to his giveaways, however, you would think this type of thing is routine for Romo. That's part of the reason these numbers might be surprising:

In Romo's last two full seasons (2009 and 2011, with just six starts in 2010 because of injury), he had 57 TD passes and just 19 interceptions.

In Drew Brees' last two full seasons (2010 and 2011) he threw a whopping 79 TD passes ... and an equally eye-opening 36 picks.

That's almost half as many INTs for Romo vs. Brees. Which one of them is the dangerous gunslinger, again?

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