John Daly did a radio interview. And he was on fire. This is only a little bit of it, as transcribed via CBS Sports -- the part where he talks about how he gave Tiger Woods advice on his sex life:

I did last year at the PGA [Championship]. And what we talked about, I couldn’t even fathom telling you guys, because it’s a personal conversation, but it made me relieved of what Tiger was going through. Do I blame Tiger for what he did, and does he? Yes. But does he have a reason? Yes. And that reason is something I don’t want to talk about.

"But I told him, ‘If you would have come out that night after the [Thanksgiving] incident and told the world what was going on — not listened to your agents, not listened to anybody else, just what your heart said and thought what you just told me — this story would have ended in one day.’ And he said ‘I know, I know. I just had to listen to everybody.’"

Daly also has some interesting theories about what marriage means. Feel free to read the whole thing. It's quite exceptional. And remember: We're doing a live chat tonight on the first round of the draft. Throw in some questions. The more absurd the better!

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