bridgewaterThe Rams are already without projected starting QB Sam Bradford. Shaun Hill was injured in the first half against the Vikings and is reportedly deemed a long shot to play next week.

That means St. Louis is poised to start either Austin Davis (the not ready for prime time player who subbed in for Hill against the Vikings) or Case Keenum, who helped preside over the Texans’ 2-14 disaster last year with an 0-8 record as a starter.

So, Rams, some free advice: The team that just blasted you 34-6 has a third-string quarterback who, despite struggles here, is better than anyone you have healthy by a decent margin.

His name is Christian Ponder, and if you have a late-round draft pick to offer we suspect he could be yours.

It didn’t make sense before Week 1 because Hill is a decent stopgap and a team wouldn’t move a QB to an opponent it was about to face because of game-planning reasons.

But now, with that game done and Hill ailing? It makes perfect sense. Keenum is an immobile, less accurate version of Ponder. Davis is not ready. You need a QB. Ponder needs a fresh start. Make it happen.

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