Commenter Stu drew our attention to the June 4, 2000 box score between the Reds and Twins -- the last time, before tonight, that these two teams faced each other in Cincy. (We are returning the favor with that image, which should be his new Twitter avatar).

It was only 12 years ago, but it might as well have been 40.

Consider this:

*Denny Hocking batted leadoff

*Brian Buchanan (pictured) was in right field

*Mark Redman was the starting pitcher

*Tom Kelly was the manager

*Jay Canizaro played

*David Ortiz pinch hit

*Barry Larkin played for the Reds

*Benito Santiago. Dante Bichette. STOP.

*Vulture Danny Graves improved to 8-0 for Cincy with the win in relief in EARLY JUNE.

Oh, how we love weird old box scores.

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