While tons of folks have opinions about the Brett Favre/ Brad Childress /benching controversy -- including plenty of Packers fans, who are playing the role of 1995-97 era Vikings fans by clinging to any piece of controversy or bad news about the purple because they know their team is flawed and inferior -- it is at times like these that we turn our attention to Google Trends for a look at just how big this story is in the grand scheme of a Monday afternoon.

And let us tell you, it warms our heart to see that there is no whiff of Favre, Childress or anything Vikings-related in the Hot Searches.

But three of the top four searches (and four of the top seven) as of 4 p.m. were related to the engagement between musician Carrie Underwood and hockey player Mike Fisher.

It's either America's insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip ... or the simple fact that everyone knows what Childress signed up for when he brought in Favre the way he did, and there are 87 billion different reasons not to pull him, with 1) being the man's ability and 1A) being the man's ego, so let's forget this ever happened (two or possibly three times?) and resume Mission Miami with Favre driving the bus ... driving these searches away from our little controversy and directly into the blessed union of country music and the smell of a hockey locker room.

Regardless, it's going to be an interesting week. Like a Carnival Ride, some might say. And yes, we had to look that up.

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