Some of you might remember when Fox 9's local coverage of the Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester United a couple weekends ago was altered because of weather-related coverage a weekend after the devastating tornado ripped through North Minneapolis. Pretty much the entire second half was shown on a split screen, with soccer (muted) on one part and coverage of another developing tornado warning (with volume) on the other half. It left a lot of soccer fans frustrated. And their frustration led to some on-screen frustration, which came to a head in this one-minute clip:


Fortunately, though, cooler heads seem to have prevailed. An olive branch in both directions has been extended. Via a press release from the local pro soccer club, the NSC Minnesota Stars:

The NSC Minnesota Stars and Fox 9 News are hoping to mend fences June 18, both figuratively and literally. The Blaine-based soccer club has invited Fox 9’s Ian Leonard to attend its match that day against FC Edmonton in an effort to bring the station and the Twin Cities’ soccer fans face-to-face to shake hands following tornado warnings preempting the station’s coverage of the May 28 UEFA Champions League Final. The Stars had previously announced that they would be raising money for the Twin Cities chapter of the American Red Cross during the game. ... Fox 9 chief meteorologist Ian Leonard, who was on air for much of the weather coverage, has agreed to help further the fundraising efforts. With a donation of at least $2, fans can take three shots at plunging Leonard into a dunk tank on the plaza at NSC Stadium. Soccer fans will have their shot at revenge from 7 p.m. until the game’s 7:30 kickoff.

“I understand it as a soccer fan, and I relate with feeling slighted during the biggest game of the year, but I also understand Fox 9 has a severe weather policy that it upheld and that particularly resonated after the events a week before the game,” Stars CEO Djorn Buchholz said. “I’m a little embarrassed and disappointed at some of the comments that were directed toward Fox 9, and I hope now we can shake hands, have a little fun with the whole ordeal and raise some money for our North Minneapolis neighbors who are recovering from the tornado on May 22.

Win-win? Or, in the case of soccer, at least a draw?



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