Football is an awesome TV sport. That means, of course, that networks are constantly trying to push the envelope to make it even better. So there's this twist from the NFL Network, noted by Pro Football Talk:

The league-owned network says it’s working on putting tiny cameras in the pylons at the ends of each goal line, giving an up-close look at scoring plays. The logistics of getting the cameras in the pylon are still being worked on but could be in place as soon as Thursday night’s Bears-Packers game.

“We’ve added a couple extra cameras in a couple of spots,” NFL Network Senior V.P. of production and programming Mark Quenzel said in a conference call promoting Thursday Night Football. “We’re playing around with a camera, believe it or not, that’s going to be in the pylon. I don’t know if we’re going to have it this week. We’re still working out some kinks on the pylons, that allow us to see goal line stands, those types of things, and we’re going to add a couple of cameras for isolating players.”

We have to think that would offer an insanely cool view of certain plays.

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