A Beautiful Day to be Glad In

By Rev. Peg Chemberlin

March 14, 2010

We walked for a half-hour then sat on the park bench for another half-hour, all in short sleeved tee-shirts! In Minnesota in March! It was so beautiful today. We talked about how fortunate we are. Spring is coming. It may be faking it but it will come - and a day like today gives us hope.


We talked about the many ways we are so fortunate. I said, “It is so nice to have a park close to our house.” Mark said, “It is so nice not to be afraid of sectarian violence when we walk outside.” I paused, not surprised by the comment, Mark has a way of taking the long view sometimes. We kept naming the things in our life that are such immense gifts: family, friends, democracy, jobs, great co-workers, good health and good health care, a house, car, clothes, food, being able to act in ways that make a difference.


Then we came back to the long view. Is our life style a result of somebody else somewhere having it hard? Do we purchase at low prices because of production by those who work long hours for low pay and no benefits? Was our house re-roofed at a low rate because it was done by those who are threatened with deportation due to their inability to get US permission to be here? Did we get the car at a lower price because it didn’t have the best hybrid system in place? Is our lovely beautiful day a result of climate change due to our consumption habits?


It was a beautiful day and it will be a beautiful day again and we’ll have many more. We’re so thankful. And we want to do our part to make that true for our daughter’s future and for the future of the next seven generations. We want to work in places where everyone gets a fair wage and good benefits. We want to buy only those services and items which are produced with respect for the workers who made them. A truly beautiful day in a beautiful future will take all of us making daily decisions. Nevertheless, I trust we will do it, make beautiful decisions today for a beautiful tomorrow.