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Ellison briges gap between activists, officials

Good morning. First major snowstorm today. Lots of delays in the morning commute. Be careful out there.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. What’d I miss?

Gov. Mark Dayton is with staff and commissioners, but then makes remarks at Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk’s annual “Stock the Shelves” event at The Liffey on 7th Street. (Fence mending?)

If previous years are any guide, many of the state’s top companies will be represented at the event by lobbyists currying favor with the majority leader. (Oh, sorry, I meant, showing their holiday spirit of charity.)

Sen. Stumpf takes Capital Investment on the road again this week beginning Tuesday with a trip around the eastern suburbs.

LCCMR and Lessard-Sams also meet this week. And, Legislative Commission on Data Practices to talk about police body cameras. Details. 

Ricardo Lopez had a nice man-in-the-news profile of Rep. Keith Ellison, who has played a big role as a bridge between activists and political leaders in the Fourth Precinct protests. 

Allison Sherry reports Rep. Rick Nolan is pushing Obama to protect American steel by banning imports after findings of illegal dumping, mostly from Asia. President George W. Bush took this action.

Rep. Tom Emmer lines up with some big financial institutions (and their lobbyist former Gov. Tim Pawlenty) against Treasury’s Financial Stability Oversight Council, which determines which institutions are too-big-to-fail and therefore deserve more oversight. He says he merely wants Congress and the public to play a role.

Black Lives Matter’s Rashad Turner will challenge Rep. Rena Moran.

Politico’s Thrush with a state-of-the-race: Trump still the rage; Cruz running the best campaign; biggest threat to Clinton is the economy and the DOJ over the emails; Rubio will have to go negative on Trump; super PACs have busted.

McKay Coppins has a new book about the early stages of the Republican race, and here’s the latest installment, focusing on the Rubio v. Bush war.

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