This is what happens when the NFL draft doesn't start until after 6 p.m.

Writers, bloggers, broadcasters and fans have far too much time to speculate about what might happen in the first round.

Perfect example: The case of Tim Tebow. A few weeks ago, discussion about Tebow revolved around the fact that he might not be able to even play quarterback in the NFL and that it was unlikely anyone would take him in the first round. Fast foward to the past few days, where the focus has been on the growing feeling that the Vikings could take Tebow 30th overall in tonight's draft.

And now the latest is that Tim Tebow's father, Bob, told a Jacksonville radio station that his son will be a top 15 pick. That would mean no one has to worry about Tebow winding up in Minnesota.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports, per Pro Football Talk, that the Broncos might take Tebow but not at their current No. 11 position. The Broncos rather would want to trade back and grab Tebow. Here's the latest from PFT on the situation.

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