Newbie chips in on a busy Monday with his take on why nobody should want to be famous. Newbie?


I am going to ignore the obvious point that Tiger Woods was perfect in Majors when leading and perfect in life until RandBall followed him at the PGA in August. Let's move to a bigger picture. 

It has become clear that in today's America, and more over the world, that you should not try to become famous.  Unless of course you are perfect.  Tiger Woods came the closest (his occasional swearing after a bad drive aside).  He seemed to do it all: great career, great family, seemed clean, great marketer.  Then one suspicious little accident has turned the TV, radio, and internet world against him.  Faster than we could make a Turkey sandwich on Friday, his "persona" was done.  Fortunately for Tiger, he has worked very hard to gain his reputation, and can probably salvage what he has done and come out only slightly dinged.

We can only hope that the Woods story is happier than what all of the speculation is and they can move on with their lives.  If not, well he is only human and maybe we put him on too high of a pedestal hoping for that one true hero.  As for the likes of those who try to become famous without really doing anything, then I think the Internets and the Youtubes have been giving you what's coming. 

I don't want us to speculate on what might have happened with Mr. Woods and his wife, but rather the consequences of living a public life in the 24 hour news world. 

If you can't do that, then try to imagine a hunting trip involving Brett Favre, Jared Allen and ... Prince.

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