Effective May 15, Target's return policy improves slightly. Customers still have 90 days from the date of purchase for returns or exchanges with a receipt. That's not changing. What Target is "relaxing" is the policy for returns without a receipt.

Previously, customers could make two returns per year for store credit as long as each item was under $35. Items costing more than $35 were not returnable without a receipt. (Target customers can also request a receipt "look-up" in customer service. If the item was paid for with a credit or debit card, check or gift card and the buyer can provide the checking account number, credit, debit or gift card, it qualifies as a return with a receipt.)

The new return policy without a receipt changes the maximum value from $35 per item to $70. Customers are no longer limited to two transactions without a receipt per 12-month period. The customer can return any number of items without a receipt, up to $70 in total value. For example, a shopper could reach the limit by returning one item without a receipt for $70. Another could return 10 items for $7 each to max out.

Once Target customers reach the $70 limit, they may still exchange new and unused clothing with tags attached for different sizes, colors or like items. Food items may also be returned at the historical low price.

The change in policy is in response to customer surveys, said David Fransen, a Target spokesman.