Well, it's clear that not too many of you liked the fact that the Gophers spent $800,000 to drop North Carolina from their football schedule in 2013 and 2014 -- at least the 95 percent of you who voted that way in a Star Tribune poll.

For many of you, the money is the issue -- and that's certainly a reasonable stance.

For others, it's probably the notion of not playing a BCS school and likely replacing it with a lesser non-conference team that is troubling -- also a reasonable stance.

But here is the question: At this stage of the Gophers' development, heading into what will be Years 3 and 4 under Jerry Kill (the years they would have played North Carolina), what is the ideal non-conference schedule?

Is one BCS team (such as the Tar Heels or as was the case this year Syracuse) good enough? Should they schedule more? Do you believe that four lower-level schools are just fine?

Answers, please, in the comments.

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