My herb garden is located right by my deck and back door.  When the grill is hot and the chicken is ready to be placed on the grills, I bend down and cut off a few branches of tarragon.  On the grill the herbs go with the chicken placed on top. Yum.  I do the same thing with thyme and fish.  It lends just a hint of herb flavoring.

Another way I enjoy using herbs is with infused vinegars.  I’ve used basil, rosemary, tarragon, and even garlic chives for my vinegars.  They ad punch to homemade dressings and make wonderful gifts.  
·    Cut your herbs in the morning, rinse them clean, DRY THROUROUGHLY
·    Stuff as many herbs as you can in a clean, dry canning jar
·    Fill to the rim with white vinegar
·    Give it a shake every day for a couple of weeks
·    Strain off the vinegar and put in decorative bottles (or leave in the canning jar for home use)

Herbs are fast and easy to grow.  And it seems the more you cut them back, the better they look and grow.  So I try to only plant one herb plant and harvest from June to October.  

I want to try creating my own salt substitute recipe.  The store-purchased labels have dried citrus.  Does anyone know of recipes without that?  Or should I just try to peel the zest off and orange and put in my dehydrator?