It's no big secret or new information as far as spring crappie fishing is concerned.  I just was thinking on the way home the other day that I really haven't observed many kids out fishing yet.  Why is that?  There are plenty of adults in a boat or on shore fishing,  but where are the kids?  Its actually a concerning issue to me.   It's the shore fishing in the spring I remember most  as a kid, and then second comes dangling a hand line over the edge of a small boat catchin sunfish.  I know what my kids will remember if I have anything to do with it--fishing, fishing, fishing, and hopefully whatever they learn in school, LOL.  Hmmm.

Cost to Take a kid fishing off shore--about $25,  Cost of happy hour or dinner out-- much more and a meaningless experience in the end.  Take a kid fishing.  Capt. Josh 

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