Former Strib college hoops guy Myron Medcalf, now at ESPN, points out a recent video posted of Kentucky basketball coach giving a tour of the program's new dorm.


Well, if you can call it a dorm. Medcalf calls it a "palace," and he's not too far off. He notes a few of the edges, including these paragraphs:

The bathrooms in the players’ dorm are built for big guys. “The sink is kind of high. But everything in here is for 7-footers,” Calipari says. John Wall would have needed a phonebook to use those sinks.

The new dorm is built next to the squad’s academic support center and practice facility. And it showcases the differences between the haves and the have-nots in college basketball.

While some assume the scales are tipped in favor of elite programs due to under-the-table maneuvering, the availability of resources is a crucial selling point that really gives those schools an edge.

Indeed. Tubby Smith, who used to coach at Kentucky, will tell you plenty about what Minnesota does not have. You can watch the eight-plus minute video on the CoachCal site, linked off of the screen grab photo.

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