Two Minnesota anglers are among 20 individuals and groups selected as 2010 inductees into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wis.

Honored as a Legendary Angler is Ted Takasaki of Brainerd, and as a Legendary Fishing Communicator, Larry Bollig of International Falls.

Though named in the communicator division for his wide-ranging conservation and information efforts on behalf of fishing, Bollig is widely recognized as one of Minnesota's best anglers, and as a walleye specialist.

Takasaki is a competitive walleye angler who has won virtually all  tournament honors during a long career. He is also president of tackle manufacturer Lindy Little Joe of Brainerd.

In announcing the honor, the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame said of Takasaki:

"Ted has made it easier (beyond a shadow of a doubt) for the average fresh water angler to catch fish.  His innovative products, his tournament stature, his fresh water fishing tactics are second to none. Ted has helped thousands of anglers to catch fish on a regular basis.  He is on everyone’s list of the world’s best freshwater anglers, because of his diverse fishing techniques and devotion to the sport.''

Bollig, meanwhile, is co-host of the Bear Facts and Fish Tales radio program Sunday nights on KSTP-AM. He has served on many volunteer DNR rule-making and advisory committees and is an innovative and experienced angler who knows well most if not all of Minnesota's best walleye waters. He also has given countless fishing seminars throughout his career, happily teaching other anglers how to catch more fish.

The Hall of Fame said of Bollig:

"Larry has given his time, efforts and cherished gas money to preserve the sport of fishing so that others can experience the joys it’s given him.  Larry is truly a kind and caring man who simply loves to fish, sharing his successes openly and seeks out other opportunities to create more memories.  Larry makes an impact on people.  Those who have attended his seminars in the Dakotas feel the same as those who have fished with him in Canada.  He’s a real personality and a positive one at that. Larry doesn’t need much in life to keep his gears greased.  We can all agree they broke the mold with Bollig.''

Both Takasaki and Bollig blog here on www.startribune/

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