Remember Walter Matthau in the movie "Grumpy Old Men"? He and his buddies were ice fishing in Minnesota around Thanksgiving. When's the last time that happened? At the rate we're going there may be open water into mid-December.

This year has seen an eight-month boating season in Minnesota; from late March into mid-November. "May you live in interesting times," the Chinese proverb goes. And I don't think that's a compliment. According to climatologist Mark Seeley, November warmth has been record-setting, with 36 daily record highs so far. Amazing.

A mild La Niña cool phase in the Pacific may favor a colder, snowier winter, when it finally arrives, but a warm bias lingers. We should top 60 degrees Sunday; again Thursday and Friday of next week. The arrival of a major, full-latitude trough sparks gusty showers next Friday, ending as flurries one week from today.

For the Twin Cities, the first sub-freezing low will come Nov. 20. That's a whopping 43 days later than average.