Miss Congeniality (AP photo)

Miss Congeniality (AP photo)

You can see why Sean Penn was attracted to her. Soulmates:
Sports Illustrated supermodel Jessica White was arrested Saturday morning after she allegedly hit a woman repeatedly in the face in a vicious catfight over a taxi outside a downtown club.


White, who's been dating Sean Penn, was charged with misdemeanor assault and released after allegedly yanking the woman's hair and striking her face with her hand.

Details of the assault here. Plus, this:

White, a rough-and-tumble native of Buffalo, is no stranger to trouble with the law. According to reports, she once allegedly damaged a girl's car with a baseball bat during an argument when she was a teenager. Fashion-industry insiders describe the swimsuit beauty as a "firecracker."
"She was troublesome on shoots," said one source. "She would chain-smoke on set, snap at the hairdressers and the makeup artists. She changed agencies several times because she's supposedly difficult to work with."

Well, she shouldn’t worry. It’s not like there will ever be anyone else younger and pretty and nicer coming along in a year. Or a week.

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