Consider this when preparing a Super Bowl snack: Most of the guys on the field weigh more than 200 pounds, some tip the scales at more than 350 and almost nobody in pads is on a diet.

In other words, you can't go wrong by serving big food.

For party hosts who plan their menus around the flavors of the teams, we offer some options for this year's competitors -- the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints.

Colts: Indiana is a tough one for distinctive cuisines. It's strictly Midwestern fare. You're likely to find chili (made with ground beef and beans) and chicken wings at a Super Bowl gathering. The state's one distinctive dish, however, is the oversized pork tenderloin sandwich, which a hungry crowd -- whatever its colors -- would root for.

Other Indiana options: Van Camp's beans was established in Indianapolis in 1861. Wonder Bread and Gatorade started there (Stokely-Van Camp of Indianapolis marketed the sports drink). And popcorn -- this is corn country, after all -- is always popular.

New Orleans Saints: Where do you begin talking about N'awlins food? Would it be the Cajun spices or the Creole seasonings? The seafood (oysters, shrimp, crawfish among them)? The gumbo, po' boy or étouffée?

I'd start with a classic drink, the Sazerac, Louisiana's official state cocktail, which dates from pre-Civil War days. Then I'd head to some classic dishes that have a twist: a jambalaya sandwich, a Creole dip, a Cajun-spiced snack.