By Todd Nelson, filling in for Douglas:

"Superior, they said, never gives up her dead — When the gales of November come early." Those were the words from Gordon Lightfoot's famous song that paid tribute to the Edmund Fitzgerald and all 29 crew members who were lost 43 years ago Saturday.

That storm boasted 50 mph winds and 20-foot waves, which is not uncommon across the Great Lakes at this time of the year. In fact, another notable storm destroyed 19 ships, killing 254 people Nov. 7-11, 1913.

Friday's face-numbing wind was associated with a storm system that dumped nearly a foot of snow across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We had much less snow, but it was enough to make roads treacherous. Welcome back to winter driving.

This morning was the coldest temperature since early April. It will feel like December as another round of snow develops late Saturday. Shoveling optional.