What a beautiful fall and November to be fishing.  Mid to upper 40 temperatures and mild for weeks.  So we decided to get in more muskie fishing.  This time I went out with a fishing buddy that's a true muskie nut and pro.  So we went to a clear water muskie lake in Central Minnesota near Brainerd.  Todays assignment was to sucker the muskies onto a hook and my fishing partner loves to do that.
We used big suckers on rigs with a rubber band thru the nose, and the hooks safety pinned to the back near the dorsal area.  We slowly trolled along the weed edges along the deepest water.   We left the reels in free spool with the clicker on.  If a muskie hit, we'ld hear the clicker and pick up the rod and get on top of the fish to see it, before setting the hook.  If the muskie had the sucker in it's mouth, we'ld wait for a good angle to set the hook.  
After a short day in wonderful weather, we ended up catching muskies measuring 45", 47" and 48".  That was an awesome day fishing.  Lots of film and photos too. 
I hope you are still getting out and enjoying this extra open water and go for some fish too.  Walleyes and crappies and many big fish are out there and this is the right time of year to get a trophy.  Good luck.
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