In a pinch or on the go, a girl has to be resourceful when it comes to beauty. Here are my top five beauty fixes and DIY style tricks to divert the most common fashion disasters.

Wipe out bad hair

When your locks look oily and the nearest bottle of dry shampoo is miles away, simply grab a wet wipe (you know, the kind that you get in individual paper packets) and run the wipe over your bangs as well as any oily patches that frame the face. The alcohol in the wipe will dry up oil, helping your hairdo survive at least another few hours.

Put a sock in it

Here's a simple way to create an easy updo: To create a chic, voluminous bun, just snip the toe end off a sock that is a similar color to your hair. Next, put your hair in a ponytail using a hair tie. Take the sock and roll it up into a donut shape and put the "sock donut" over the end of the ponytail. Roll the sock down the length of your ponytail toward your head, wrapping your hair around the sock as you get closer to the hair tie.

Once you're done, tuck in the ends, secure your 'do with a bobby pin and you've got a thick, gorgeous bun. One note: The thicker the sock, the larger your bun will be.

Powder your nose

If you find yourself without powder and working up a shine, step into the nearest ladies room. Paper toilet seat covers (fresh from the dispenser, of course) are nearly as effective at eradicating shine as the blotting papers sold at cosmetic counters. No seat covers available? In a pinch, use a piece of toilet paper to absorb excess oil.

Nail the trends

Gradation manis; a single, glitter-covered nail; reverse French manicures -- all this ingenuity can be exhausting, not to mention expensive. Create your own cutting-edge manicure with a few items you likely have at home.

A simple rubber band can be used as a guide to create the two-toned look of a classic French manicure or a reverse. Use paper reinforcements to create half-moon manicures. Just cut a little slit in the reinforcements to help them lay flat and be sure to let coats of polish dry completely between steps.

You've probably already seen manicures that look like nails covered in caviar. Get the look at home with sprinkles. Yes, sprinkles. Apply your polish of choice and while nails are still slick, use sprinkles from the pantry to create a cool textured finish. (You can do this on just one nail on each hand for contrast.) Apply a top coat, let it dry and you've mastered a delicious new look.

Erase a problem

What to do when your earring suddenly plunges from your lobe? While the back may be nowhere in sight, there's no need to panic. Simply grab a classic pencil with an eraser. Then, snap off the eraser and use it as an impromptu backing for your earring.