Matthew Hodgman

Photographer, 38

What are you wearing? Railcar Fine Goods denim, vintage flannel, Red Wing Iron Rangers.

Describe your style: Vintage, blue-collar, American-made.

What outfit have you gotten the most flak for wearing? Back in the day, I thought Rock Revival Jeans were cool and I paired them with bedazzled shirts from the Buckle.

What kind of an artist would wear the clothes in your closet? I've got a strong connection to a time when things were done by hand and not by computer. So I would say people who work with their hands and are proud to create things one at a time.

Do you do any spring wardrobe cleaning? I just got done sending a bunch of stuff to secondhand stores. I'm looking forward to doing some spring shopping at one of my favorite stores, Martin Patrick 3, and getting some new colored-sole shoes from Greenwich Vintage. Ellen Dahl Lawson