Kathryn Hornick

Hairstylist, Root Salon Minneapolis, 22

What are you wearing? Zara jacket, H&M skirt and shirt, Nicole shoes, plus Target clutch.

Describe your style: A mysterious blend of modern meets vintage with a twist of leather.

What's your earliest fashion memory? I have always been drawn to black, textured pieces for my wardrobe. When I was about 7, I picked out this knee-length black velvet dress and refused to take it off.

What changes have you made to your personal style in the past few years? I've decided to embrace my height and body more, not defy it. I started adding more heels into my wardrobe as well as hip-hugging pieces that put me just enough outside of my comfort zone.

How do you flout fashion rules? I love to combine and layer varying shades from one color family.Ellen Dahl Lawson