Women's apparel buyer for Target, 30

What are you wearing? Chambray shirt by Goodale, Levi's 511 cords, Tommy Hilfiger boots, sling backpack by Patagonia.

Describe your style: Casual contemporary. Weekend wear is usually button-down shirts with colored skinny jeans. Colored pants are fun because you get to be creative with how to match the shirt.

What's your take on accessories? Accessories make the outfit -- watches, bracelets, shades, etc. I believe anyone can look good if they know what looks good on them.

How do you choose an outfit for the day? Usually I wear whatever is newest. Sometimes I dig in my closet and find an old treasure. That's the best feeling, kind of like finding money.

Name one thing you can't leave the house without: My dog Lucas. He's the best accessory.