In case anyone is wondering why Wally has become the first person to our knowledge to be both hunted down and subjected to the They Were Who We Thought They Were (Or Were They?) treatment from Stu, well, we commissioned this report. So there. Stu?


The Hunt Down

Name: Wally Szczerbiak

Claim to Fame, Minnesota: much of this was covered in a very special TWWWTTWOWT in September 2008. Here’s the nickel version: played for the Timberwolves from 1999-2006, could shoot the lights out, couldn’t drive the basket, was punched by Kevin Garnett, dashing.

Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: came to national prominence at Miami of Ohio, where he garnered MAC Player of the Year and various All-American honors for the 1998-99 season, and led the Redhawks to the Sweet 16 that year. In the NBA, his post-Wolves career stands out mostly for his being involved in gigantic trades. You’ll likely recall that he left Minnesota along with The Big Taser and the obligatory first-round pick in a trade with Boston that brought us Ricky Davis AND Mark Blount (Kevin McHale, everybody!). The Celtics would then send Wally to the Sonics as part of the Ray Allen deal, with Seattle subsequently shipping him to Cleveland as part of a 43-person, 10-team trade.

Where He Is Now: unemployed. While he waits for the phone to ring, perhaps he’s hatching elaborate revenge schemes against Star Tribune writers with one good hamstring who write snarky blog items about his son’s name.

Glorious Randomness: Wally popped up on the RandBall radar when it was discovered that his sister Wendy once played for the Lehigh University women’s basketball team [Proprietor note: Not sure if she graduated or just left, but she's not listed on this year's roster]. Anyone looking to make the “Is that Wally in a blond wig” remark, please refrain, as it’s already been done. [Proprietor note: Not that such a thing would be a bad thing. Amirite ladies and fellas?]

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