Stu is back, doing that thing he does to entertain the masses. We particularly enjoyed this Hunt Down. Stu?



The Huntdown
Name: Michael Olowokandi
Nickname: The Kandi Man
Claim to Fame, Minnesota: a center for your Minnesota Timberwolves from 2003-2006, best known for being part of the Wally “Father of Maximus” Szczerbiak trade and for getting Tasered twice at an Indianapolis nightclub on Thanksgiving morning. Twice. 
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: a world-historic NBA draft bust, Olowokandi was taken first overall by the Clippers in 1998. Other, better picks in that draft: Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce, Mike Bibby, Bonzi Wells, Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison and Rasho. The Nigerian-born, London-raised Kandi Man played college ball at the University of Pacific.
Where He Is Now: he’s kept a low profile since leaving the NBA in 2007. However, his ex-wife, Suzie Ketcham, is featured on VH1’s Basketball Wives reality show. According to this article, “(n)ow that she's on her own she's ready to party and develop a career as a luxury real estate agent.” I see no flaws in this career path. 



Glorious Randomness: construct your all-time Timberwolves goofball/ knucklehead/ malcontent/ Eastern European-project starting five, plus one sixth man. Where do you play Laettner? Do you bring Ricky Davis off the bench? Is J.R. Rider the only unanimous starter? Why aren’t you considering Stojko Vrankovic? It’s the smoking, isn’t it?

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