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The Huntdown

Name: Don Beaupre
Claim to Fame, Minnesota: a goalie for your Minnesota North Stars from 1980 through 1988Appeared in the NHL All-Star Game as a rookie in 1981 and split time in goal with Gilles Meloche during that season’s Stanley Cup run. Won the WTCN-TV Trophy that season, so you know he had one heckuva year. Also involved in a goalie fight with Pete Peeters, which I link to because, well, goalie fight.
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: was traded to the Washington Capitals in 1988 (straight-up for Claudio Scremin), where he returned to All-Star status in 1992. Would also put in time with the Senators and the Maple Leafs before retiring in 1997.
Where He Is Now: is still in the area, is listed as an assistant coach for Curt Giles’ Edina squad, and has a couple kids playing goalie. He also owns an aerial equipment business. Take a look at this Genie Z-135 articulating boom with all the bells and whistles: self-leveling platform, XChassis™ extendable axles, and fully proportional Hall effect controls. Daaaaaang. It’s rumored that RandBall correspondent Clarence Swamptown has a cherry red model on his Goodhue County compound. 
Is He On Twitter: no.
Glorious Randomness: WTCN became KARE-11, with a brief interval as WUSA during the mid-‘80s, because it was the mid-‘80s and that’s what you did. As part of their rebranding, they also re-named meteorologist Steve Wohlenhaus as “Sunny Haus,” because it was the mid-‘80s and that’s what you did. I think this is an idea worth revisiting, and I’ve even crafted some suggestions for current on-air weatherpersons. Program directors: if you want to discuss further or details on how to send a 10% cut to my PayPal account. Make that 15%. These are golden.
  • Mike Augustyniak: Gusty Michaels
  • Belinda Jensen: Bella Stormcloud
  • Jerrid Sebesta: Jim Tornado
  • Ken Barlow: Kenny Blizzard
  • Jonathan Yuhas: Telly Hughes
  • Keith Marler: Chase Updraft
  • Chris Shaffer: Clint Shovel

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