The Hunt Down lives! Stu?


Name: William Henry “D.J.” Dozier Nickname: No, I don’t know how you get “D.J.” from “William Henry,” either.

Claim to Fame, Minnesota: a two-sport athlete in the vein of Bo Jackson if Bo Jackson wasn’t good at either, Dozier was the Vikings’ first-round draft pick in 1987. It’s more than fair to speculate that if he wasn’t an oft-injured bust, the Vikings would never have traded for Herschel Walker, the Dallas Cowboys would never have been the NFL’s team of the ‘90s, and Jerry Jones would never have held on to a less-successful franchise long enough to build it a preposterous new stadium with a gigantic, punt-blocking scoreboard. The past is never past, people.

Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: as mentioned, he was a two-sport athlete, and played 26 unremarkable games for the New York Mets in 1992. On a positive note, he was a fantastic collegiate running back for Penn State, where he led the Nittany Lions in rushing each of his four years, and was the offensive MVP of their legendary 1987 Fiesta Bowl victory over Miami.

Where He Is Now: he’s apparently a well-traveled sort, including a stint doing ministry work for noted “faith healer” Benny Hinn. He is currently working as a business consultant in Virginia Beach, VA. You can also buy an autographed 12x14 picture of Dozier for $24.95 at his personal website.

Glorious Randomness: Dozier graduated from Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach , which I mention only because Lady Miss Kier of one-hit wonders Deee-Lite also attended it, giving me an excuse to link to “Groove Is in the Heart.”

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