One skill/technique that many trout anglers neglect, is learning to fish streamers effectively. Streamers are imitations of bait fish, leaches and other bigger forage that larger fish prey upon on a regular basis. These larger imitations provide larger fish with high calorie meals and enable growth rates that pale in comparison to eating small insects, one at a time.

I believe, that recognizing the water types on a trout stream where streamers can be most efficiently be fished is the first step in learning to build confidence in this skill. Throughout the day trout anglers walk and wade through miles of water looking for that perfect spot where they feel the trout will live. Some like the long riffles of gravely runs, some like the plunge pools and deep drops of highly oxygenated water and some like the long glides of even speed boulder strewn water. Trout anglers are confident in these places because they have caught fish there before. They know how to fish the water using dead drift, swinging and dry fly techniques and generally are happy with their success. Time and time again I watch anglers walk by the slow moving, long, mid-depth flats which are abundant on our trout streams. This type of water is difficult, if not impossible to implement the standard drift techniques so commonly used in the faster water situations. Consequently these areas receive very little fishing pressure, and yes, the fish go there for rest, relaxation, and to HUNT.

Streamer fishing involves imparting action to the fly. Generally speaking, casts are made quartering down stream. Accurate casts are made to the far bank(12" from the bank is not close enough). The line is retrieved in a Strip.....Strip.....Strip fashion in which the length and abruptness of the Strips can be varied. Start moving the fly right when it his the water.

Heavier tippets are needed when fishing streamers because of the violent strikes and size of the fish. Don't do yourself the disservice of not changing to a heavier 3X or 4X tippet. The fish you encounter in these stretches will be the ones you dream about. Getting lazy by not having enough tippet strength to control them, will enable these fish to take you to the cleaners.

Give streamer fishing a chance, or don't and leave the big fish for me.

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