Last week, Facebook announced that it would change its news feed algorithm to put a higher priority on things shared from family and friends. 

One side effect of the changes, the company said, is that content posted by publishers will show up less prominently in news feeds.

But what if you like following the news on Facebook?

Here's how you can make sure your favorite sites still show up in your feed.

While in Facebook, find the Star Tribune's page, or any publication you want to regularly see news posts from. Make sure the box marked “Like” is checked, which means you’re following the page. 

If on a desktop computer, you can hover over the downward-facing arrow on the “Like” button with your mouse.

A drop-down menu with a set of options should appear. If on your phone, just tap the “Following” button for a similar menu. (For some people, you might need to hover over the button to the right of "Like" button to see those options. You can see that pictured below.)

Most people will want to select "Default," which means posts by the Star Tribune will show up in your news feed according to the news feed algorithm. Some news hounds might want to choose, "See First," which means that posts by our page will be given prominence at the top of your news feed every time you check your feed.

If you'd like to further play around with what you see first, click on the pencil tool to the right of "in your news feed." There you can select to see certain types of content first, and to choose whether to get notifications for live video or other posts.

These directions can be used for any news site you follow on Facebook. 

Facebook's algorithm takes its signals from users. The more you interact with content you enjoy -- liking, sharing and commenting, for example -- the more likely you are to see more of that type of content. 

Facebook is notoriously quiet about how the news feed algorithm actually works, and the company recently came under fire for a lack of transparency when choosing stories for its Trending Topics.